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Introducing Our Furbaby Boy TYRION

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Introducing Our Furbaby Boy TYRION

Darren and I are very excited to introduce our new #Furbaby boy, TYRION! <3

This sweet little #Cat stole Darren's heart when he went to pick up some food for our big ball-of-love Maverick this past Sunday. He texted me first with a picture of his name thinking it was adorable! If you don't know, Tyrion Lanister is a dwarf with an incredible wit and personality from the novel/TV series "Game of Thrones". It just happens to be one of Darren and I's favourites ... and Tyrion just happens to be one of our favourite characters. After receiving the text I felt I could picture him and almost had a feeling "he's ours". I asked Darren for a picture of him and bam, he was exactly the cat I had imagined. Perfect little fluff bean! I immediately went to the store to meet him and, after seeing how talkative and cuddly and playful and sweet he was, we quickly returned home to apply for our interview. They told us many people loved Tyrion and were considering him for their family so we were a bit on edge. The Toronto Cat Rescue called us within hours and after a lovely and cheerful interview we were given the go-ahead to pick up our sweet baby boy. <3

Here's what we know about Tyrion. He was rescued from a hoarding situation so we are hopeful he will grow to love Maverick. Because he had to fight for food his whole life, he is very teeny tiny. When he was originally seized they thought he was only 1 because he is so small ... little bird bones (sad but so cute too) ... but after the vet neutered him he figured he is more like 3 years old. Our big boy Maverick is about 8 years old, so Tyrion will be the new baby of the house. <3

We bathed him when we brought him home, you can see him drying in the picture, but usually his fur is very fluffy (he's a long haired domestic) and disheveled looking which is so adorable. He's smart, but such a goof when he plays. I think his most charming characteristic is his "singing" or "chit chatting" he does non-stop. A very talkative and cuddly little boy. <3

Tyrion's been with us for 2 days so far and we've already made great strides when it comes to his and Mavericks relationship. Maverick is a big time doufy douf so he just wanted to be friends and play right away. Tyrion was very nervous and there was definitely hissing and "twacking". Maverick's expression was sad but hilarious too. "Parents, why doesn't it like me? Doesn't it see I just want to play? I'm being so gentle and submissive." LOL Maverick is a very good boy. He shows his dominance sometimes by using his size to corner Tyrion. But he just keeps eyes contact, he doesn't to anything physical. It's a conversation they're having with their eyes and it seems very intense but we are seeing improvements fast. We keep Tyrion in the bathroom at night for now (so they both feel safe and have a good rest) and Maverick will "sing the song of his people" to him starting at 5am or so. Eventually Tyrion began talking back and it seemed like a good happy conversation. Yesterday was a bit hit-and-miss but this morning they played together and ate together and seem to be doing really well. They are currently both sleeping on the couch beside me, Tyrion on the seat and Maverick on the head rest. Super super cute and such a relief to see. <3

We're very happy and excited to grow our family! I've been feeling a bit better lately, hopefully it lasts, but this is definitely a good time to introduce a new life into our home. We love him so much already and we know that love will only continue to grow as we get to know him better. Here's hoping Maverick will love him too! <3