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See With Your Soul

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See With Your Soul

"See With Your Soul"
February 2016
Mixed Media on Canvas
Watercolour, Coloured Pencils,
Acrylic Paint & Gems
8" x 10"

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For the past few years I've been so busy with the business side of my art career that I had stopped making pieces based on instinct and bouts of inspiration. I focused my energy on commissions, practice pieces, contest prizes, and pieces made specially for exhibitions. I can't begin to tell you how many ideas popped into my head over the years but instead of starting them I would add them to a list; "Pieces I Want to Do". I think as the years passed and the list got longer and longer I began to feel a bit disconnected from my work. I longed to make work from my soul but I couldn't find the time. Finally I've decided I MUST make time because an artist can't sit on passionate messages, they have to get them out. Moments after having this realization I was struck with a thought that often comes to me.

How much better would the world be if we were all accustomed to questioning the things that are presented to us? What if we all questioned ourselves, our thoughts, our morals, and our beliefs? This thought is based on my personal journey of deciding to question our world and my thoughts about myself and people in general. It was this internal investigation (one that will go on for the rest of my life) that has allowed me to challenge a lot of societal norms and personal beliefs that were causing me harm. I have changed drastically in the past eight years and it is all because of internal thought and what I call "evolving my soul". One of the biggest ideas I challenged was the concept that people can be compared as equals; that one person can understand another person. Despite what the media tells us, we can never be like anyone else, ever. It doesn't matter if you're an identical twin being raised in the same household. You are a unique person because no one has lived your life completely and no one truly knows all of the thoughts and feelings that have gone through your mind. From this came my belief that it is our uniqueness that makes us beautiful and extraordinary. This then led to never comparing myself to anyone else because we are all on a unique journey. Once that thought sinks in it is much easier to stop judging, to be kinder, to take joy out of other peoples joy and successes, and to know that we can grow and change for the rest of our lives. This concept of communicating with my inner self, my soul, is represented in this piece by the golden eye. It alludes to the idea that if we see the world and ourselves through our soul we will inevitably understand ourselves and others better which can only lead to change and happiness. The idea of inner reflection is sometimes a scary thing. Learning that we don't like certain things about ourselves or admitting that we've been wrong can be very hard. But getting passed those hurdles, realizing there is no shame in admitting you're not perfect, can open you up to a world of understanding and a sense of peace. No matter how many or how few people you have in your life, you will ALWAYS be in the company of yourself so why not make yourself the best and most content person you can be. :)