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Fuck The Most Common New Years Resolution

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Fuck The Most Common New Years Resolution

While my photo may surprise some folks, the fact that the most common New Years resolution is to ďloose weightĒ probably doesnít surprise anyone. Lately there has been TONS of posts going around about the holidays making us all fat. Itís a common thing but it drives me nuts. Lately Iíve also seen lots of very young ladies (teens) fretting over their very teeny tiny bodies expressing how theyíve let themselves go Ö it kills me. Itís been years now since Iíve grown to truly love and accept my body exactly as it is in whatever state itís in. I tend to fluctuate between 155lbs and 180lbs; Iím at my highest here in the photo. The only reason I even know my weight is because I weigh myself to tell how much my artwork packages weigh for shipping. LOL I honestly do not care one little bit what the number on the scale tells me and while Iíve gotten used to that idea, the holiday season and all those terrible posts remind me of how painful it was to hate my body and constantly want to shrink and change it. Back then, even if I was doing really well and loosing lots of weight, it was never ever enough. There was always something that wasnít perfect. I no longer believe in ďperfectĒ. I believe in the power of unique beauty. We are all unique creatures with unique bodies and those bodies are doing the best they can to keep us alive and house our beautiful souls. There is no way we should be hating on something so precious. I want everyone to remember that everyone sees beauty in different ways. If youíre judging yourself based on the unrealistic demands and expectations of our society then for goodness sake STOP. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Stop comparing yourself to others or what you see in the media. Just focus on you, focus on the things you love about yourself, realize youíre a unique human being, not some photoshopped version of flawless perfection. NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE, you are beautiful! :D

Now I can just hear people crowding to say, ďBut health! But healthĒ! DONíT. Size isnít the be-all-and-end-all of human health. Itís a factor, yes, but not EVERYTHING. Personally, I think being happy mentally, enjoying your body and enjoying your life without shame or dissatisfaction, is WAY MORE healthy than being small and trim. If your New Years resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle that is 100% awesomesauce! Honestly, following through with that would be life changing! But if deep down inside youíre doing it to be thin and stereotypically attractive then I would say, please donít feel that pressure. Getting healthier is great but you donít need to be thin to be beautiful. You are beautiful exactly the way you are. I would also say, I have totally been there, man. I have had countless ďIím going to get thin before summerĒ New Years resolutions. I either failed, which made me feel shitty about myself, or I became unhealthily determined and ate 400cals a day, exercised like a fiend, lost tons of weight, and still felt there were things I needed to improve on. SO NOT WORTH IT. And definitely not healthy! TRULY caring more about health, not even considering your looks because you already love the way you look, will put you in a much better frame of mind to create a realistic health regime that you can stick too and progress at a natural rate. :D

How did this post come about? I have my hair tied in a braid everyday so I didnít realize how long my hair was getting and I excitedly wanted to show off my ďprincess hairĒ with a photo. I started off with closer shots of my belly and hips (where my hair length ends) and found myself (something that hasnít happened to me in a long while) feeling embarrassed by my underwear lines, surgical scars, and my tummy. It felt SO awful! It reminded me of how painful it is to be hard on your body. I figure the numerous posts Iíve been seeing may have had me feeling a little uneasy and with the posts continuing, ďall I got for Christmas was fatĒ, over and over, I felt I might make a post of my own showing most of my body. Because I love my body. I truly do. Underwear lines and stretch marks, PAH! Everyone has those! A tummy? I love my fertile looking tummy. Iím a soft woman and I like that! Iím an Elven Fairy Princess Mermaid gosh damn it! LOLThen I was concerned about other peoples judgments, not about me being thick or thin, I couldnít care less, but about me posting a nude in general. I actually deleted the photo but it kept nagging at me. Iíve lived YEARS without caring what people think, why would I start now? I ended up discussing it with my amazing husband and he encouraged me to see that the potential to help people love themselves is important to me and that itís worth braving the naysayers. How lucky am I to have someone so supportive; someone who truly gets me?! :D

TO ANYONE WHO FEELS OFFENDED, NEGATIVE, OR SEXUAL - KEEP SCROLLING. This post isnít for you. I donít care if the naked body offends you. I personally think nudity is beautiful. Besides, draw a line on either side of my hips and between my breasts and you can pretend Iím wearing a bikini. LOL If you plan on being negative about my body you can save your fingers the typing because I DO NOT care about your opinion. I love my body. My husband loves my body. Your opinion means absolutely nothing to me and if you do leave an unkind comment it will be removed immediately so that your negativity doesnít infect my kindhearted followers who are working towards loving their bodies as they are. Lastly, if you think this is in any way a sexy post you are 100% wrong. This has nothing to with sex; I am not posing in a sexual way or discussing anything sexual, so if you see it that way it sure says a lot about your mind and the respect you have for me (or lack thereof). Wishing you all happiness and positivity in your life! Be kind and be well. :D