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Toronto Portrait Artist at Art Maze Exhibition in LONDON ENGLAND

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Toronto Portrait Artist at Art Maze Exhibition in LONDON ENGLAND

Art Maze Exhibition
By Exhibit Here
At the Historic
Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Gallery
London, England
Dec 16th - Dec 20th 2015
Private Viewing: Dec 16th 2015

I am so very blessed to have had this incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. In December 2015 I created a special series "Bejeweled Beauties" inspired by UK based women specially for the "Art Maze" Exhibition being curated by Exhibit Here and displayed in the historic Oxo Tower Wharf in London, England. I'd shown my work in London twice before but this time would be extra special. On December 13th I flew 8.5 hours from Toronto to London to set up and see this exhibition in person. As a humble full-time artist the cost of the trip was quite the challenge but thanks to some space on my loan, my incredibly supportive husband to be, and my supportive fans who purchased my 2016 Art Calendars, I was able to make this dream a reality. :)

Some of my fans may already know that I'm an avid traveler but what they may not know is that I am constantly cursed with travel nightmares. In my dreams I loose my luggage, I miss my plane, a ship I'm on is sinking, my belongings are thrown into deep water, a tall building I'm in starts to fall over ... and on and on. Why do I have these dreams? Your guess is as good as mine. Although I suspect some of it is due to flights having lost my luggage TWICE while travelling alone. Because of all this I never travel with luggage. Never. I fit everything I'll need, in this case for almost three weeks, into a school bag (back-pack). I'm not a typical girl that needs a ton of fashionable outfits, a set of makeup, a hair straightener, and whatever else many women feel is the requirement. I survive on a couple of comfy outfits which I wash in hotel sinks as I travel, some mascara and blush, a brush with hair ties and clips, and I purchase some necklaces as souvenirs as I go along which I love to wear while I'm still traveling. So generally packing light wouldn't be a problem ... but this time I also had to bring my artworks. Storing them in luggage was too risky! I couldn't invest so much into this trip only to have the flight loose my artworks. So I planned to make small 8" x 10"'s on paper and frame them once I arrived in London. The plan seemed like a good one until I arrived in London on Monday Dec 14 and had a real heck of a time finding a store that offered frames. In the end I did find a store that specialized in frames but was quickly informed that 8" x 10" wasn't a usual size in the UK. Thankfully they did have 4 available in two different styles so all worked out in the end.

The day after was quite the challenge as we were required to set up our artwork ourselves at the Bargehouse Gallery. Thank goodness the curator, Leila Bibizadeh, had her father there to help me because drilling holes into brick walls is something I simply physically could not do. I am so very grateful for his help. I also had the help of a new friend Katrina Steinman (who is also one of my "Bejeweled Beauties") and after set up was complete we went out and had a lovely dinner. :)

The Private Viewing on Dec 16 was a two hour long whirlwind! I had the pleasure of meeting of all my "Bejeweled Beauties" in person as well as their family and friends. I also had a brief chance to meet some of my fellow artists which I'd come to know through social media. I cannot express just how grateful I am to everyone who showed me support that night. It truly was a night I will never forget. My only regret is that I didn't have enough time to chat and get to know everyone. But you never know! I may get another chance to make my way overseas in the future.